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Reviews for "Medieval Rampage"


Agree with amazing. The game was quite easy, really. I enjoyed the brawls, but with all the skills and upgrades it was just easy to kill enemies without even being hit. Even the boss beasts were, though very resistant, easy to beat (you only needed time). And then (as I eventually realised) you could sell all the bows you found in battles making it so easy to buy good equipment. It would be awesome if you added an option "normal/difficult." That would make things really fun.

No need to dwell on all the other aspects of the game. I don't like to use the word, but this time I'll make an exception. PERFECT.

What other similar games lack are possibilities to improve. You can usually buy some upgrades and that's it. Here you can buy some neat items, upgrade them and work on your skills.

You could of course add lots (like a real story, not just a basic one), but then again... it's just a rampage kind of game. No need for such things.

Thank you for a really well done game.

is a good game

this game rocks


its a really good game but i wish it was longer and a little bit harder


It's good, but frecking HARD. I barely got to level 9, then got raped. How do you use potions? I probably had about fifty but I didn't know how to frecking use them. It was a good game, yes, but annoyingly hard. And it's not bloody. There is literally NO blood, except for the tiny spooge stains of blood that come out after you kill someone.

Real bloody...

If you want endless murder and infinite numbers of weapon-brandishing "men" then, you'll definitely like this.

Note: I think dinodan's right(because every work those designers and programers, etc. came with hardships and lot of effort) but this is not the perfect place to say such things...