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Reviews for "Medieval Rampage"

Last Medal

I've completed every single achievement, but i didn't get the last medal :/ i even got the achievement "all achievements completed", but still, i don't get the medal :/ please fix it.


Amazing game eveyone should play it.


I love the game and the 2ed one but I'm really sad right now got all the achievements took forever and the last medal is broke like a knife in the chest


awesome game

one thing that i think strange is fire arrows and ice arrows are got same damage bonus and requirement only the cost is different. 100 ice arrows are $50 but 100 fire arrows are $100

Smooth Fast Paced RPG

One thing that I really appreciate in a good game, is the smoothness of movement. The game was smooth from the start, everything was simple and easy to understand, the game has a fair degree of difficulty, but I think it could be a little harder (The boss fights were a little bit of a let down).

Another thing I like about the game is that I know I spent my points and money wisely, and a good RPG game should always reward players for that and I felt this did. I noticed a few people speaking about the difficulty level of the game being too high, but I think that's just down to them spending skill points in all the wrong places.

Overall, good game. It's hard to improve on it without changing the overall game concept, but, I'd suggest making bosses more difficult, and also, the obvious balancing issues with the bows/arrows. (Fire Arrows are pointless, so is the Crossbow really)

Other than that, I really liked it. Thanks.