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Reviews for "Medieval Rampage"

Very impressed with this game.

So to start off with this was a pretty good game and nice graphics with the menu page wich was really nice detaild wich was the same as the loading page so that was a plus, Glad to see this won a daily feature you can see why, good graphics and keeps the fun in playing it, so that was another good point on this game, Soi get into the game and it tottally blows me away and is fun with all the shooting and dodging all around, its really a great game, the controlls are abit hard to deal with as its both on the right hand side of thekeyboard maybe have the movment keys on the left. the music was another plus it was a perfect fit for the game, and really kep the tempo of the game going so really nice effort, the gameplay was awsome great replay value with this and the top overview play is even better, so overall a fun game, just one issue with the controlls, but still worth theplay.

have the movment keys on the left. so its easier to move and shoot,

Fun game lots of replay value.

I am epic pro

I beated all the game without ussing any continue


Not a perfect game, but really great. I love coming back to this whenever I'm bored.

fuck this

theres nothing more annoying then when your character doesnt move where you want it to or when it starts moving out of control...


why cant u go bezerk? =(