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Reviews for "Medieval Rampage"


1000\1000! the best game ever!


sometimes easy but great game!!!


Upgrading is a bit slow though.


not the best but definitely not the worst. love the constant killing but my hand got tired from holding down the mouse. need a toggle.

Great top-view shooter, with medals!

Let me clarify this first. Those who are wondering why they get the "kill first enemy" medal and not the "kill tenth enemy" medal is because he means 1 and 10 different TYPES of enemies, not total kills. So "kill tenth enemy" means kill 10 different types of enemies. Play the whole game and you should have it.

As for the game itself, it does lag pretty badly, but putting the quality to LOW from the options menu before beginning a new game, makes it manageable and not TOO bad.

I like the bow drop system, neither drops too many nor too few, and the ability to sell dropped bows to buy more arrows and better bows.
Money pickups are modest and will generally rely on you to manage pickups and selling extra bows, a good balance between oversaturation and undersaturation of funds.

And the ability to upgrade and the points given was spot-on and balanced, too. (Side note:You can't get anything upgraded to Level 6 for 32 upgrade points)

As such, I've found a few minor glitches and oddities in the game. Nothing that unravels any part of the game And they are:

-Although buying the better arrows requires the better bows (MUST have a Crossbow to buy Fire arrows for example) once bought, you can shoot them with any bow, even the Shortbow!
Yes, you can get your Shortbow to shoot fire arrows

-The "suicide" achievement is listed as dying on level 1, but is also achieved by simply dying in Survival mode, as Survival mode is simply an endless first level that increases in difficulty.

-After getting all 100 achievements (and the final medal) I did not actually get the medal until I began a new game

-As listed previously, fully upgrading something to L5, it will list your next upgrade (L6) at 32 points, something which cannot be done, as the max level is 5. Might confuse a couple players. No big deal.

This game was fun to play, and one of the beter top-view shooters out there.