Reviews for "Super Mario: Stringanime"


+ 8 stars for the artwork
- 1 star for the cheezy prophecy part
- 4 stars for the horrible controls

Very Original

it was a good change of pace.
Difficulty was an issue


It was good not the best game on the web i've played but definitely in my top 5


keep up the good work, but the whole laser bit on the krab was unfair

StringAnime responds:

Were you able to figure out that you could hide around the left side of the Giant shell?

Laggy at best

Any and all points I gave you were for the art. The game was very laggy and very not fun. Using the mouse is not a good idea for this kind of game, as it's jumpy and not smooth. The only thing you do is move a mouse, and laggy stuff happens. Not good programming.