Reviews for "Super Mario: Stringanime"


pretty good mario parody
good graph but (as everyon said) you should definitely find another way to control this, it will make the game a really better one
keep up


it's a good game, but there is a huge flaw,
you can win the game by simply pressing tab.
that's it. only a simple bug

StringAnime responds:

I didn't know about that. Thanks. Also, if you move your mouse out of the Playing field, you're invincible. It's my version of "pause."

it's funny

it's funny. I not like voice tho. It not fit this mario. You could lower it with some program with pitch shift without lose speed.

StringAnime responds:

That's an excellent idea...I am new here so I don't know how easy it is to update a swf yet. You have inspired me though.

pure crap good graphics

nice graphics but seriously man do u know how to actionscript keys!? horrible controlls bad story nice animation 2/5

StringAnime responds:

Yeah, I don't know anything about action scripting. I am just an animator. I animate every possibility, then Jump to each location in the movie. This is more like Dragon's Lair than it is Mario, in programming.