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Reviews for "Blue Ball V1"

Wall Glitch

I was enjoying it to begin with, until I fell into the wall and got stuck!

Check the wallz

yeah good easy game but you should check the wall i got stuck in them like 3 times :)

good game

its chalenging very chalenging, simple concept tho. but u did great what i would suggest tho is having more death pictures

Nice Scripting.

Controls aren't choppy at all. That's good scripting.

Music is appropriate for this game. Good choice.

Bombs? I think you should increase the radius of their explosions. Even in extreme mode, the bombs are still a bit easy to dodge.

You've got the most decent test scripted game I've seen in the Portal in days. Nice work. Got any ideas? If you add your own special touch to this game, you should be able to make it more playable.


to me its just to repettative wake it up a bit
but im not sayn that the game it self is bad it just really needs
som work.