Reviews for "The Arrow Of Time"

Excellent Work

Very addicting and very fun. I really enjoyed combining the different types of arrows and seeing how things would turn out. Nice difficulty curve and everything. I think you guys turned out a pretty solid defense game.


super flash bros. always submit incredible content to newgrounds and this was not an exception.

the whole game was incredible, i didnt find any flaw at all. the soundtrack was amazing, the whole gameplay was perfect, there was a storyline. i mean there were even video clips. how cool is that?

Well now,

it say's i got every medal, yet i received not even one. i beat the boss in 20sec's, what you do is get the multiple turret's, then select the hold arrow instead of click and drag, then do the combo piercing and homing then click as fast as you can the opposite direction of the boss, wah-la 20secs death..

excellent in every way!

although not an original concept, this game is still creative and fresh. The artwork and soundtrack are one of a kind. really enjoyed it!

Nice game...

Good game, good music, and it's worth playing though. Just love the way the arrows are pointing at the enemies and shot them down. It's great :)