Reviews for "The Arrow Of Time"

Ridiculously Awesome!

So. This is a great game! I seriously hope you are considering making a sequel of some sort, or a 2.0 version or something. I would hate to see this game end here, when it's ridiculously fun and has plenty of stuff that could be added. For example (mostly taken from other reviews):
*Twin Bosses (right now, every boss can be absolutely decimated in seconds with piercing homing arrows. Having two Bosses would make it harder to take advantage of the homing arrows so much)
*Triple Combos, but with a cost (i.e: level down, or only once per level for 10 seconds or something) (I REALLY wanted to use homing teleport piercing arrows, for fun)
*Unique arrow combos (Helium + Lead = black hole, fire + ice = water, teleport + homing = teleporting arrows)

That would be awesome... unfortunately, if this game got anymore awesome, my head may explode.

+Ridiculously Varied Weapon System
+Good Upgrade and Money System
+Small Story, but Not Intrusive
+Humorous at Point (Whistle v Dinos? Awesome)
+Pretty Good Controls
+Sweet Music

-No Real New Enemies, besides Bosses, just Progression
-Can pass whole game with Homing + either piercing or explosive (seriously, homing is broken)
-Could maybe use a bit more story, at least a few more chars

Mostly the cons are just nitpicking. None of them are enough to detract from my score. Ridiculously awesome, play this now! 5/5

awsome game

when using homing arrows lvl 3 use hold controll mode... because yo just need to click to fire, otherwise, use drag control because it takes to long to fire normal arrows with hold

i tried pretty much every combo and by far... homing lvl 3 + lightning lvl 3 controll option owns (except for the boss... there homing + piercing is better.... because you won't get time to circle around him and shock him because he's like big)
other interesting combos: homing + time (just for dinosaurs)
- piercing + fire (early ingame... this one is good because it's cheap and works well even if you don't have fire maxed out)
- in free mode (after you finish the game) use homing + everything (just for fun... most combos make some very nice visual effects... it's so fun to see the enemies going randomly after the gravity arrows...)

what NOT to use:
- teleportation, lead and helium... because you rarely get money for kills (teleportation lvl 3 can move enemies out of the playing field)
- traitor arrows - the corrupted enemy takes way to much time to act, you will way too often kill the one he's after, it takes ages for him to move and he then comes back at you


Good graphics, good story, I like the background music, and it's an overall fun game.


I haven't played a game this awesome and detailed in upgrades since Endless Zombie Horde. Great job, Please make more like this :D


that was an awesome game!
really good

for anyone who doesn't know how to find the dinosaurs... go to the first world and shoot the enemies with a Lv.3 time arrow and then shoot it to death