Reviews for "The Arrow Of Time"


the game is fantastic, i find some of the upgrades (arrows) useless though , but anyway great game this is going to my favs


great game period it is great in every part but i cant find the dinosaurs where are they.


cool game. i cant find out how to get the time hunter medal though...what dinosaurs? :P and the fight in the shade is kinda hard too. hope i get it over time. awesomely addicting game!

omg i got to lv ????

its called future fantasy which i cant beat cuz its hardddddd the best tecniqe is work on fire ice and pierce arrows get those to max then combine them in combination arrow its p0wnage, dont forget ur defences and btw this is the best game ever!!! i need 1 more defence to be max i have all other gl to the ppl that took my advice, to beat bosses only use pierce arrows and shoot them like crazy at boss and as fast as u can i recomend lv 3 but any works on the easy ones.

Addicting :D

Very addicting due to the mix match of arrow i also LOVED the music so 10/10 for me.

Tip-If you want to kill enemies fast,u pgrade these 3 arrows:Pierce,Fire and homing. Use homing/fire or homing/pierce for regular enemies and homing/pierce for bosses.