Reviews for "The Arrow Of Time"


this has to be the best game i have ever played one here befor now please make some more you have done a grate job


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Great graphics, programming and awesome gameplay.


the rigth combo can mean the whole game i found an unstoppapble 1, in cunjuction with sheild. laggy though, even when i turned everything down to minimum still an excellent game. loved it.

GREAT game =)

This game is so awesome!! btw, the best combination is Homing arrows and Piercing arrows, so you can shoot tons of arrows w/o even loading them, and then they hit the target, go past it, and start revolving around it until its dead. i beat the final boss this way in more or less 10 secs.
Hope i helped you guys =)
Thanks for a great game! *10 stars*


BEst game ever! Needs a sequel! And dude what's with Water- PX? I mean dude this is newgrounds, this site is like that, we all say shit, and shit like that. And how do we know there is a hell? maybe you might be leading off in a wrong direction I think of peoples religions of ways to live is so that nobody has to worry about death and hell was made so people will fear to do things wrong. But what ever you believe just don't bring religous crap onto this site. Weirdos like you make stuff gay. IDC is you some shit about hell to me (I might be there) but dude, just enjoi the games and rate that their cool not religous shit. ok (Sorry if I can't spell good) ESL-4 for me -.- (japanese -.-) Anyway AWESOME GAME :) (I sound like a fag now)