Reviews for "The Arrow Of Time"


that was kool, BTW for medals its not aht hard, only 4th one is rly gay, beating the games easy, getting all the ups is time consuming but easy.... and now the problem medals everyones complaining about - for the "Fight In The Shade" medal(20 arrows) get lvl 3 peirce and lvl 3 homing, go to last battle(not boss one future lvl 3) and just keep firing in the guys general direction... for the "Time Hunter" medal(dinos) get time arrows lvl 3 and explosive arrows lvl 3, go to first age lvl 3, time arrow will turn them into dinos and explosives usually 1 shot them(sometimes bomber dino balloon dino and rocket dino survive first hit) for the "Quickdraw" medal I got it by doing the lvl 3 homing and lvl 3 peicing again, its a pain to get cuz its usually very close to 20 seconds when he blows up, took me several trys, good game and hope u guys like my hints. coutesy of maxrox


But I beat it. How are you supposed to kill the final boss in 20 seconds?


This is one of the most entertaining games I've played here. Excellent music according to each era. I agree with improving the usefulness of the higher lvl arrows. My favorite combo was time + exploding.


I thought it was an excellent game with a good story, great art style, and awesome action. I think you could have possibly added one more era called the end of time, but it would have messed up everything so I guess it is best the way you made it.

great game

it was a fun ass game