Reviews for "The Arrow Of Time"

This is as good at it gets

This game is amazing, i loved every level of it. The variation of weapons, powerups are great and i really loved the combo arrows that saved me most of the times and helped me win the game. The graphics excellent, story interesting. So nothing more to say than play it, replay it, re-replay it.

awsome flash game

this is one of the best genres there is
creative as well!

i especially like the future level :3


The best game of its type I have played yet. I love the music and customizable weapon choices, as well as the artwork. The only problem is that it's VERY laggy.


AWESOME concept and game!

I have won...

Finally.. at last!

Overall a great game, keeps you occupied and as long as you experiment your arrows (cough cough lightning + piercing cough cough) then you'll be good... Thanks for the great game