Reviews for "The Arrow Of Time"


Took two tries to beat it- Explosion+Lightning ftw!

I beat the main game and din't get the medal though... oh well. What a masterpiece! I love it.

this game officialy kicks a$$

i luv this game! the options are fun, the graphics ar smooth, and the gameplay is so addicitng! (and i liked the storyline :D )
oh, and i found the dinosaurs


awsome game BUT DINOSOURS WHERE R YOU? lol


The ambient is great, original characters, awesomes arrow powers.
One of the best games tha i have ever play!
Homing+Pirsing : D
Homing+Ice : )
Ice+Traitor :(
Traitor+Teleport :)
Fire+ice :)
Homing+Time :/
Time+Explosive LOL(its fun see dinasos apear & after that explote)

Best game yet

this is the best game ive played yet on here. will there be a second one? i was a bit dissapointed with the story. Good ending but i think there coulda been more like maybe it didnt go through time so fast and also different gameplay modes and arrow types. Btw best combination i found was homing arrows(fully upgraded) and explosive (fully upgrade) really good like heatseaking missles. Great game.