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Reviews for "The Arrow Of Time"


Second Era.
It allowed me to buy an upgrade, even though I didn't have enough money, now, I have -2600.

Very nice!

I dominated with fully upgraded homing and piercing arrows mixed.


couldn't stop playing this game.

Awesome game but...

Also i have found something that isn't quite right...

I was doing the second level of "world at war" i bought thunder 3 , explosion 3 , piercing 3 and fire 2, then i wanted to see if i could but the defense orb thingy that shoots arrows by itself, i clicked it but didn't have enough points instead of keeping the button black it kicked me back to a -3700 points

How is this possible?


this game rules by all standards. please for the love of god make a sequel.
one thing tho, make it so that after you beat the level you can still collect the upgrade points.

p.s. the best combo is explosive plus fire