Reviews for "The Arrow Of Time"

Arrow of Timelessness

Awesome game

Protips: read only if you're stuck or can't figure it out

Lightning+Explosive (max both to 3)= best crowd clearing attack in the game. Will obliterate everything given your aim is semi-decent. The reason this is the best is because on impact it, even if it doesn't kill the target, it'll obliterate it's "parts" and make it freefall to it's own doom. Not to mention the lightning arcs to nearby targets

Get the shields, they have the same effect as extending your health bar

Pierce+Homing (both lvl 3): This is the ultimate spam. Homing isn't worth it until level 3, but pierce combos well with almost anything. Once u get H3/P3, spam it. When I say spam it I mean click as rapidly as you can to get those arrows into the air. No aiming required, as long as your arrow is somewhat going toward an enemy's direction the arrow will fly toward them and decimate their parts.

Use Pierce+Homing spam to accumulate 20 arrows on screen at once (it's possible just keep spamming). Also the pierce/homing can kill the final boss in under 20 seconds. The arrows will pass through the boss hitting him multiple times and your spam will accumulate arrows in the air while the boss is teleporting.

holy whistles!

that game was EPIC fun!!! i LOVE the music and i wish there was a way of downloading it, and the combos/graphics/gameplay was phenomenal. i've never enjoyed a game so much like this before!

one quick question, though... where are these dinosaurs of which you speak...?


beautiful game

Maybe the best things about this gam are artwork and music. Gameplay is great, but not as great as the music or artwork. Thank you for making such a great game. I also like how you can combine arrows, and other upgrades. Keep up the good work.

extra turrets

i think you should have made them all fire together but other than that awesome game


The soundtrack, and the arrow types are all cool.
My favorate combo is Ice and Explosion!