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Reviews for "The Arrow Of Time"

not bad

hard because you cant predict where the arrows are going to go and you dont have enough time to estimate where


i love it, storyline makes sense. when i first tried it, i got past em all, but future fantesy kicked my @ss in one wave flat. then i go and try agian a year later, i pwn through in five minutes and beat it. >:3 good combos for eras are: homing/time, or lighting/fire for beginnins, fire/explosive or ice/lighting for victorian dreams, homing/fire for world at war, homing/explosive for modern times, (with turret and bubble sheild) and for future fantasy... homing /explosive. time arrows do nothing, as this is the future
<3 halofighter.

Awesome game

The bow kills it. Epic.

-Ah fcuk! a dinosaur...

It's a great game,even unique-I haven't seen anything like this before.The weapon possibilities were really endless,and I had much fun watching,how Toot was riding around the Fortress with no weapons.:D
Protips(spoiler alert):
The best combos are Piercing\Homing(The Ultimate Nonelemental Arrows),Homing\Exploding (Kaboom Arrows),and Fire\Lightning (The Ultimate Elemental Arrows).
Time Arrows will transform enemies into the enemies from the past eras-enemies from the Beginnings will transform into Dinosaurs!
Rockets are good targets for Homing\Traitors(The Reversing Arrows)-if they won't explode at once,of course.


love fire arrow it`s awesome