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Reviews for "The Arrow Of Time"

big question

how i can unlock the dinosaur mode cuase there is a medal to kill all the dinosuar , i already win the game how pleas answer

very good!!!!!!!

this game always is fun at house

Brilliant game

I like this game it was sharp and easy to play and even better to understand, the loading time was kinda big but still worth all that time and such, i really was pleased with this game, the "MEDALS" were a nice addition aswell, so nice game indeed, Great idea on your preloader you have, as a clock and time since it takes time to load that was a pretty impressive idea so props to you there, now with the music i thought that was pretty impressive aswell and seemed to fit with all what was happening the music was actually very pleasent, The art and graphics were very smooth and pleasent aswell, so a well put together game indeed, The intro story was pretty decent aswell, so once again awsome job there, now as i get into the game its fun, i had some issues with the upgrading as it was a tad confusing to figure out, other then that this was an alright game to play.

fun game upgrades was abit confusing maybe a simpleer way could be implemented

very fun game takes some time but is fun.

Awsome! .....but

I love the game and it is very entertaining, but I CANT MANAGE TO SAVE MY PROGRESS. PLZ HELP!!

Find the balance

This game is great. It has always been one of my favorites. But one thing that always upsets me is the fact that the highest level missles are fairly weak, despite the huge cost increase. I almost never stopped using the fire arrows, and i got through the game just fine, save the final boss. I suggest that you enhance laer upgrades, or make some passive upgrades, like an autoturret, so that you could extend gameplay.