Reviews for "The Arrow Of Time"


to get the dinos go on the first level with fully upgraded time arrows and they turn into different kinds of dinos :P


I got "fight in the shade" and "quickdraw" by using the homing arrows+piercing arrows (both fully upgraded) with the three turrets. But I haven't found any of the dinosaurs. What levels are they on?

Pretty good game tho


there's a bug in fortress upgrade ... (chose the first upgrade after the last and you can buy it for 10 000 after you have -XXXXX in money xD) anyway it's a great game ^^


Really fun, great storyline. Here's a hint-for Victorian Dreams, when you fight Toot, use Homing arrow and Bomb arrow. I can't help anymore,, because I died on the first wave of World at War-LOL

great game i love these games

tip:homing arrows with peircing is great upgrade