Reviews for "The Arrow Of Time"


I have only one complaint.Story ended too soon....What happens to Toot after the Final Fight? Why was he exiled?

I wanna know.......lol. great game tho. i like the upgrades and evertything, but was sad.....couldnt find the dinos....lol

I say the lightning Explosive arrow combo was a ultimate enemy slayer.... maybe tone the power of that down slightly?

Flaming & Exploding Arrows!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Very good game...
I love the boss and the music for the levels!!
The animation was smooth (even for click & drag arrows" !
And a cool story line!

Much Respect !!


It's so addicting! Anyway, combine the level 3 Lightning Arrows with the level 3 Explosive Arrows and every shot destroys any enemy (excepting for bosses). Add the second defensive power for a burst.


great game very adictting

Freaken Awesome!

Damn i love this game i liked the upgrades especially the ice one to me that one is the best overall awesome!!