Reviews for "The Arrow Of Time"

Shoulda had different aiming

It's a good game but it went against my natural instinct which was to point the mouse at the enemy. It makes aiming irritating and I missed shots I should have been able to make easy.

Also, this game is REALLY not meant to be playing with a mouse pad.

And did there really have to be other enemies on the screen during battles with Toot. I died a few times because while I was concentrating on Toot, smaller enemies would come to whittle my health, and when I tried to attack them, Toot's big organ gatling gun of doom shredded me health.

i like it would rate ten

i like it would rate ten but the homing arrow and gravity arrow dont work well

great game

imagine multiplayer version with ability to move your fortress, and modify it,
one thing that really sucked was the fortress upgrades, just waste of points.

good game but...

...same problem


cant get past world war 1 anyone, tips?