Reviews for "The Arrow Of Time"

Excellent Work

Very addicting and very fun. I really enjoyed combining the different types of arrows and seeing how things would turn out. Nice difficulty curve and everything. I think you guys turned out a pretty solid defense game.

Very well done.

Definately a decent game. I loved the arrow combination idea(I used Homing and Explosive the entire game once I was able to buy both and fully upgraded them hehe worked perfectly). The music was suitable and didn't get too annoying considering how immersed you had to be to keep everything off ya. Keep up the good submissions. Once again, Very well done!


it was worked too much on details.. that's great..
and graphics were fine, I kinda liked them because it had some awesome effects..
Also I would like it if it had a bigger resolution.. specially because when I use the bow, in this situation I had to manage to calculate the limit of resolution so I don't click outside the game screen... that was the only thing I didn't really liked..
everything else was perfect :)
Nice wOark

BAH. Damn.

I play games on Newgrounds from work, and we only have flash player 9 here. Frustrating that all the new and best games are made with 10 -.-

That being said, I played at home, briefly, and this game is truly awesome.

Very Good Arrow Defense Game

Very good handling, and the variety of arrows was great. The only thing I would have liked that wasn't there (as far as I know, anyway) would be some kind of special arrows formed by different combinations of arrow types. But I'm just whiny. Great game!