Reviews for "The Arrow Of Time"

Hey boys

Great game but I am waiting to play it once you but the medals in it. I cannot wait until they are implemented.


Pure bliss, and this is no ignorance! Also, I don't see any medals, either.

Good stuff

I managed to beat it, thanks for including me in your testing process. I think it turned out well, it ran well with all the bells and whistles and the bosses were pretty fun as well. Maybe one of the bosses could have been like a twin boss where rather than having to fight off the regular goons, it woulda been fun to have to deal with two beasts.. or maybe halfway through he splits or something. Might have added a suprise twist.

I was worried that id get to a point where id be stuck with the upgrades i made but it was a smart move to have you keep whatever points you accumulated even if you died through the level. It sort of prods you along wether you made bad choices or not during your upgrading.

Medals werent workin for me for some reason so nobody is gonna believe me when i said i beat it. hmph.

Funest hour Ive had

Ultimate combo-Homing explosives

Defensive-piercing traitor

Poops and giggles-Freezing time.

Fun game btw.

Very good game

"Now with added Newgrounds Medals! 5 medals to find, 100 points each, get searching!"

I see no medals