Reviews for "The Arrow Of Time"

Found a pretty big bug

Loved the game but....
If you hit anything with a fire arrow then open up the pause screen the fire damage is still applied and the enemy will actually die while the pause screen is still up

Great game

Great game guys, once again you produce some great material. I think it would have been nice to see what the rating you get for each mission. It shows after you complete it, but it doesn't show it once you're in the menu to pick a mission. Can't tell which ones I need to redo to get 5 star ratings!

Medals are working great, but they aren't showing on the submission page... Is that intentional?


that was extremely well put together, loved how it skipped through time showing his battle between Toot went on and on. Lots of upgrades and cool arrows, my favorite combination of arrows were Explosive/Homing and Fire/Homing basically the base of all my arrows were the Homing Arrows loved the game great ideas so many upgrades and a great story, i hope theres gonna be a sequel. =D

pretty cool

pretty awesome, good job!

Ridiculously Awesome!

So. This is a great game! I seriously hope you are considering making a sequel of some sort, or a 2.0 version or something. I would hate to see this game end here, when it's ridiculously fun and has plenty of stuff that could be added. For example (mostly taken from other reviews):
*Twin Bosses (right now, every boss can be absolutely decimated in seconds with piercing homing arrows. Having two Bosses would make it harder to take advantage of the homing arrows so much)
*Triple Combos, but with a cost (i.e: level down, or only once per level for 10 seconds or something) (I REALLY wanted to use homing teleport piercing arrows, for fun)
*Unique arrow combos (Helium + Lead = black hole, fire + ice = water, teleport + homing = teleporting arrows)

That would be awesome... unfortunately, if this game got anymore awesome, my head may explode.

+Ridiculously Varied Weapon System
+Good Upgrade and Money System
+Small Story, but Not Intrusive
+Humorous at Point (Whistle v Dinos? Awesome)
+Pretty Good Controls
+Sweet Music

-No Real New Enemies, besides Bosses, just Progression
-Can pass whole game with Homing + either piercing or explosive (seriously, homing is broken)
-Could maybe use a bit more story, at least a few more chars

Mostly the cons are just nitpicking. None of them are enough to detract from my score. Ridiculously awesome, play this now! 5/5