Reviews for "The Arrow Of Time"

good game

the game is a VERY fun game. but i love the time eras and and the enemys you fight but it was a little repeatitve i must admit but it was all together a good game. and i give it a 9/19 great job :D.... and the game also really really tough.

Fun but laggy

The game lagged so badly that the animation after a level managed to lag at the last levels. This with everything disabled.
Also, I got an actionscript error. That's not how I want to figure out that you are using as 3.
Good game, but it has poor performance.


awesome game, its like uhhh whats it called?? bird hunt or whatever, but this is really fun, i enjoyed it, but it got kinda easy when i got the homing arrows and explosive arrows, lol, but still fun


this would have to be one of the best games on newgrounds. I loved all of it.

holy whistles!

that game was EPIC fun!!! i LOVE the music and i wish there was a way of downloading it, and the combos/graphics/gameplay was phenomenal. i've never enjoyed a game so much like this before!

one quick question, though... where are these dinosaurs of which you speak...?