Reviews for "The Arrow Of Time"

Insanely awesome!!!

This game gets Hard but fun! Good Job!
Make More!


How come whenever i try to play it says im not logged in and wont get points?

Great but ....

the GODDAMN FINAL BOSS SPENDS AT LEAST 16 seconds in the goddamn corner where you can't hit him and I cannot kill a final boss in 4 seconds so Quickdraw achievement is actually impossible and P.S. I do have AFP 10 and the most new as of 5/21/09


Have to agree with Twad; Not enough info for each upgrade. This is really it's only drawback, except that you don't finish the stroy. What happens after Poot gets caught on the hook? Finish the story please!

Besides that, excellent work! I really hope you make another to finish the story, and to make another great game ! We're all waiting...


Gets boring after a while. Seriousl it is. Killing things is just plain boring. boring boring boring borin boring