Reviews for "The Arrow Of Time"



plain ol' EPICNESS!

this game rocks! keep up the good work!

i'd love to see a sequel!

This is a great game! Defence games are always sweet, and this one was outstanding for the arrow-combination feat and the power-ups. Well done! I can't seem to get the quickdraw achievement though, its a bit too hard if you ask me.

Hugely Amazing!

This is seriously one of the best online game I have ever played! Its so addictive! Ive played on this for two hours striaght! I found the best combo is Peircing and Lightning. It seems the best combos are always peircing and something else :)
Cool soundtrack aswell :)

Great game

This game kept me entertained every step of the way. One gripe is that I did beat the regular game all the way through and received no medal. Anyway, I plan on playing again some time soon. Great music and gameplay.