Reviews for "The Arrow Of Time"


So, I see it had a good score, and some really good reviews, but to be honest, I don't like this game. It's to boring for me. I have surpised myself, because usually, I love these type of games.

Sorry, but it's not for me.

extra turrets

i think you should have made them all fire together but other than that awesome game

very good game

becomes realy easy when you combine the homing arrows with bombs :D
the medals dont work though :(


Awesome story, awesome music, EVERYTHING AWESOME!!!

Yay - got all medals

Very arty with very good music. This game has on of the best atmospheres I encountered. It's all so cute. The gameplay however, could be better. As soon as you get the shield, the game becomes very easy. And if you go for homing arrow, all you got do do is click at the screen - without even aiming. Also, as some have mentioned before me; The more expensive arrows are mostly useless.
I'll still give it a 10, because its superior to most games on NG.