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Reviews for "The Arrow Of Time"


Really good - I think the controls could be a tiny bit better. I would like to be able to use the drag control from any point on the screen instead of having to click on my turret every time to reload.

There also seems to be a difference in rotation between the bow and the arrow when I use "hold" controls. It's just aesthetic, though.

Overall, this is my favorite "archery" type game I've yet played!

i gotz dinazours :D

great game,AWSOME GAME!!!!

Fun Time.

It is Very fun, i wasnt very accurate with the arrows but i like the game play and how u can upgrade your weapons and tower defence. all in all good game hope to see more.

Awesome game and soundtrack

Awesome gameplay,good planned storyline. Even the soundtrack was good, reminded me of Final Fantasy for some reason. Awesome anyway, keep up the good work.

Truly Awesome

this game is amazing, i've got all the achievements and i still go back to play it, its one of those games where when i'm not playing it i think 'well i havent tried doing that' so i'll go and do something i haven't done and i'll entertain myself doing it =P its so fun.
p.s. use homing arrows plus piercing arrows and you can get 'QuickDraw' and 'Fight In The Shade' at the same time