Reviews for "The Arrow Of Time"


so damn hard in the last level oh and a good game


sooooo good!


so this is how the Hindenburg went down

Good clean fun, sets a new standard for bow games.

Ok, I'm going to get the negative stuff out of the way first. Then I'll move on to the bulk of my review.

Plot: this is the main thing the author didn't deliver on. There was a rudimentary plot, Peep must defend a super weapon from the vengeful reject Toot, but from there it wasn't really developed.

Ordinarily, a poorly developed plot will earn a game a 5/10 at best, but this one is different.

Dialogue: usually, when there isn't much of a plot, the dialogue suffers too. This game is an exception to that general trend. Peep's cheeky comebacks are rather amusing. They give him a sort of childish feel.

Art and Music: Both very well done. Props to Mr. Merz for the score. Props to the artist (one of the Flash Brothers?) as well. The little whistle-heads are cute enough, but the intricate machinery used by Toot and his minions are impressive in their detail.

Weaponry: I don't ever remember playing an archer-game that allowed me to combine different elements. Nor do I remember playing an archer-game that had anywhere near the variety of arrows that this one did. Usually, the different shots are limited to single arrow, multiple arrow, flaming arrow, and occasionally an explosive arrow. This one had TWELVE different types of arrow, and it allowed the player to have TWO effects for EACH shot! That's why I say that this game sets a new standard for bow games, it has a completely unique armory, one that has nearly infinite potential.

Audience: many games these days are full of blood and gore, or have foul language. This one had neither. If I had kids, I would gladly let them play this game. The closest thing to blood and guts is the occasional explosion. And I consider that a good thing.

I hope to see a sequel!

Love it!!

This game is