Reviews for "The Arrow Of Time"

good game

shooting good strategy game love it a bit hard for me through


Kinda reminds me "bowmaster", but really, really harder :)

anyway good work ! i would like you to make a #2 :3


This is great dude. Lol i can't get past 2009 D: . I am using time (3) + Ice (3) i think. Or it is time (3) +time (3) any help lol


i cant get past da third era

Loved it but wondering...

I found the homing / piercing combo was a lot more effective when set as combo item 1 - set as combo 2 most of the homing arrows simply fell off the screen. Is it intentional that position 1 upgrades are more powerful than slot 2 or 3? I didn't see this mentioned. Apart from that, great work. I especially enjoyed the davinci / victorian era enemies. Keep it up.