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Reviews for "The Arrow Of Time"

Great somehow .

The plot and the music is okay but there are some problems in the gameplay.
First , there are no compound shooting system . Am I suppose to aim and attack by clicking continously ? The truth is , even you tried that hard ,there are no way to put them off when they come in groups as they are disarmed only after the third shot .
Second , there are no health promoting system , the only way we got is the temporary shield that can be used for seconds once a stage . It is far less that enough , if you suppose you can fight the boss who possess a chain gun .
I hope it would help much for the improvement .




This is one of my favourite games flash-wise.

The music is one of the best parts, I especially love the music for the modern era.

Aw man...

Takes too long to load it's taking forever for me. ;-;

Addicting :D

Very addicting due to the mix match of arrow i also LOVED the music so 10/10 for me.

Tip-If you want to kill enemies fast,u pgrade these 3 arrows:Pierce,Fire and homing. Use homing/fire or homing/pierce for regular enemies and homing/pierce for bosses.