Reviews for "The Body Count"

funny as hell :D

could become into a great series :D

That was funny as sh*t!

Hahahaha lol pretty funny movie. I think your the author of that dog bear lobster cartoon thing right?


pretty good.

The complete eviseration of chickens is a travisty

Nevertheless my spelling errors continue to rise. Kudos to a video that gives defiant knowledge of what to do with chickens and explosives and how grease should never be wasted, EVER! The hilarity springs at ya like a monkey on a treadmill poking a cat on a trampoline with a used lawn ornament. Excellent colour scheme and usage of panties to cover up the anchorman's unneeded to be seen nipples. Perhaps a spinoff with the bitch of a weathergirl? perhaps...in...time......


but isn't it too "inappropriate" for a colledge project?