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Reviews for "Gamer Tonight - Racer"

5/5 10/10

Lol i liked this alot. The art and animation were nice (really nice) and you got the show down to a tea. The voice actors were great and so was the script i was so weird it was funny. The best bit for me was the fact that i actually got angry during the extended words which made me laugh for some reason at the end as it was so jaring at some points. very funny original concept, the anoying parts actually added to its appeal. Liked the fact that in some parts the animation was "serious" and in others it was more "awesomme" style as that demonstrates diversity which it is nice to see in flash these days.

Oh Shi---

Of coarse it turns out perfect. how can something now turn perfect when Mr Ego is in it working with only. The BEST of newgrounds. you ... you dudes should build on this concept. make it to TV one day and make parodies like these for the world to see. this one was ****ing flawless man ! O_O VROOOOOOM bitches. btw what the UFF is he useing the shells for O.o helmets ?

I saw this on Youtube before Newgrounds.

Either way, this is still funny. Great job!

Best episode to date

Man how can you not love this series.
It's hilarious!
This one was especially nice as I what you did with how he allongated his words.
And I like the background design too.
you take a normal talk show interview room and make it video game themed.
Great work on animating that Ross!
And good job on voice acting Egoraptor.


really? I thought it just stood for "leet" which is supposed to be short for elite?