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Reviews for "Super Console Wars Part 1"

This is soooooo cooool. LOL... err... very loud.

I had to review this for two reasons 1) because i loved it. 2) because the person who reviewed it last talked a load of crap (don't be offended). At first when the pre-loader came up i though ok cool a short.... but you took the mick and did what you did, very funny already. The movie itself was very funny and had good references to video games i liked it alot. Keep em coming.

One of the best movies on Newgrounds.

Always been one of my favorite movies here on the site. I just had to come back and see it again.


this is great!

to destriex

R2 was a VMU from a sega dreamcast, the sandcrawlers were colecovisions.


I have to say, I was overwhelmed by the number of references, both subtle and overt, to gaming systems, game music, and plotlines in this flash. It's incredible to take it all in at once. Fantastic job! You deserve a five and a ten on this bad boy!