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Reviews for "Super Console Wars Part 1"


Nice job!!! Great work!!! Keep it up!!!

One word. Wow.

That. was. A.M.A.Z.I.N.G! That quality of flash is one of the best i've seen. Your rivalibng with xiao xiao three, my friend. Can't wait to see the next par.


The sound was the best I have ever heard, the movie was pretty funny, the graphics were the best I have ever seen. Hell. This movie kicks ass.


That was fucking cool! Pity the pre-loader was so crap. I loved the R2D2/GBC, very good graphics on him too.


HOLY CRAP!! That was fuckin awesome!!! The elctric guitar remixes of the Star Wars song are the BEST!! It has so far followed the storyline of Episode 4 perfectly (obviously with different characters and different words for the same things) BUT HOLY SHIT HOW THE FUCK U THINK OF SUMTHIN LIKE THIS??? I love the part where The Droids land on Nintendooine, and theres all the sprites from EARLY mario games, and theres Mario songs playing, REALL COOL MAN CMON I WANNA SEE WHAT OBI-WAN SHINOBI LOOKS LIKE!!!!!!!