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Reviews for "Super Console Wars Part 1"


That was very clever and hilarious! Can't wait for the saga to continue!!!



man!! it was great!!!!!!

First i have to say that the music was taken
from the nostalig game: "The Day Of The Tentacel"
its reminds me the goodoll'days....
second, the sounds were the best! it was like the real gameboy.
the humor was also 10!
it was so funny!! i got wet from joy!.
third, the Animation was amusing (like the army in the space ship that was this mush from SM)
or the part when the gamecard turned to escape
cool, Great job!, Keep up the good work!

That was awesome!

Im the kind of person that doesnt tend to laugh too much, and to have me nearly on the ground laughing is some accomplishment. This shit was so funny! I loved how R2-D2 was a VMU, and how mario is darth vader. I was laughing my ass of when he started talking... "where-a are-a the roms?". GAME OVER on the gameboy... theres too much funny things to list! Not only that, but the graphics were REALLY good. there was a really nice blend of 3d flash and 2d flash. In a sense, its like south park, in that most of the jokes require you to know a bit about the older gaming world as well as the present one. I can really see how a lot of effort was put into this, and I can see why its currently the #2 movie of all time, I could go on forever about this... but I dont think I will... Anyways, nice job Nate!

Absolutely great peice of work.

Solid from start to finish. Keep combining the best of these two worlds we love. Who are you going to cast for Biggs and Wedge? =)