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Reviews for "Super Console Wars Part 1"


this has just got to be the gayest thing i have ever seen

I hated it.

Never make more.


I cant believ u actually put a 5 second looping sound track while it loading??!!?? it make it the biggest piss off the watch other animations with or without sound?? WHAT WERE U THINKING??
i had to shut down the window coz it's so anoying and didn't watch it.
U should be user considorate!!


Sucks no English subtitles.

niiiiiiiiiiice buddy

i wish i had more hands so i could give this ten thumbs down, geese nobody gives a crap about console wars. i only gave it a one for violence because of the stupid thing getting killed. nice try dude, it was worth a shot but try a bit harder next time and you might hit the mark