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Reviews for "Super Console Wars Part 1"


I really cannot believe these "reviews" this movie is getting. Most of these graphics are just ripped from old games (allegedly this is funny). The voice acting is horrible, the preloader actually made me want to commit suicide, and the song over the credits is by Aphex Twin, although there is no mention of this anywhere. And the music is in MIDI. The dialogue is exactly like Star Wars, but vital parts of speech are replaced with gaming terms. All in all, this movie is responsible for everything bad in the world.

I thought it sucked...

I am very critical, and I think this movie was WAY over rated. I nearly fell asleep through half of it. It is slow paced and pointless. The graphics could have been better and the sound was nothing to get excited about... I thought it was a lacklustre effort.
But u do have the tools/skills to do a better animation.

oh!!!! my!!!!! GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

so.... cheezy.... can't..... stand it....

I liked the original...

...it was called "Star Wars". Maybe you've heard of it?

After a certain point, imitation is NOT flattery.
It's just ...imitation.

What the fuck is this?

Man does this movie suck balls, shit man like why do you come up with this shit? Like "ooh i wish i knew who my brada was?"You are a fucken insult to Star Wars man fuck you. You wanna see something nice then check out stick wars