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Reviews for "Super Console Wars Part 1"


nice.......keep it up


This rocks you are a flash god and you truly the king of kings.

PS. your ace but could better, for some tips search for Dons day out which we made!

The best thing i've seen yet

Being a serious gamer and a star wars nut, it was great to see this. The graphics were brilliant, and all the sound was great. Hearing familliar tunes and sound effects was nice aswell. It was also good to see those squeaky little toads shits suffer (although i doubt if they do have nuts). My only problem was the pre-loader, which is really anoying. Can't wait to see the next one. Obi wan Shinobi! Brilliant!

Absolutely hilarious!

I wasn't too sure I wanted to check this out, untill I actually did.

Now, though, I'm extremely glad I did.

Keep up the good work, and "make-a two a-soon-a!" ^_^


that was great! i actually have quite a few things to say, jus cuz theyre on my mind ^_^.
like i sed, fantastic movie, extremely good game puns, and overall excellence.

secondly, Neo91, the last person who reviewed this, is a fuckwit. the only reason he probly voted zero is cuz he dont play video games. which is a warning to all u pplz that dont play video games/hate video game movies/hate video games in general :P. DONT WATCH THIS!!! JUST A WASTE OF UR TIME!!!

i really liked the appearance of so many nintendo characters, cuz im a big fan(although ppl think its for little kids, i dont care. i personally think theyre more experienced ;)). this is a great piece of flash, i cant wait for part 2

when will part 2 be ready???