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Reviews for "Super Console Wars Part 1"


I've been anticipating this since the trailer, excellent work, definitely worth the wait. Seeing all the references to retro games was great, the desert from Super Mario 2 (complete with twin Angry Suns) was just brillant. I especially like the authentic game sounds. This may be my new favorite Newgrounds short. I'm voting 5 daily for now on, keep up the amazing work.

The best ever!

This movie should DEFINATLY be ranking in the first place score. Never before have I seen such a good movies since XiaoXiao came out. I swear, if you don't make more like this, I will hunt you down and kill you, so make more. Anyone who didn't give this work ten, should be gutted like a fish, skinned alive, and hung out to dry, before being made inot jerky and fed to the dogs. Make more!


The sound was good and i knew everything in there. the consoles the music and tuff, where can i download that ending song?


This is one of the rare gems we all enjoy...keep the chapters a comin'!

w00t!!!!!!! very awesome!

Very well done, and to think i refused to watch this because i thought it would be some lousy average game/star wars parody that was poorly done.... that and the ng servers kept messin up.

great job tho!