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Reviews for "Super Console Wars Part 1"

This was a good movie

Hey don't mind what NavalFC said. He's just a newb and is jealous that NG hasn't like any of the movies he has made, or he lacks the originality to make something in flash. Oh well enough of the noob, fan boy.

I thought you movie was good. It was original in the sense that it didn't seem like a rip off. Most Mario genre movies I've watch either take graphics from the games which is cheesy and lame, or they just plain suck. Well I gave your movie an 8 overall. I thought the sound was good, and the story like was familar yet different. Very good though. I look forward to your next installment of the Super Console Wars. Good Job!

thes is cool

i liket


This is one of the rare gems we all enjoy...keep the chapters a comin'!


this was perfect. thats all i have to say


watching these movies makes it all too aparent of how much i still have to learn in flash. this movie was awsome to look at, and it was funny, but wasn't shit my pants funny. i do however look forward to anything else from this guy.