Reviews for "Saunich der Hejhaug"


o.O ...What did I just do to myself by watching that? I think my kidney exploded.

Im still Hungry

Gimme some chili dawgz plawzs

absolutely random!!!

Dude this is way too freaking random!!! And that's a good thing. I loved it when he ate the chili dogs with his nose then punched the drink with his tongue!!! LOL, the randomness makes this awesome!!!

what the hell newgrounds!

newgrounds is famous for its sick weird flashs and so what if it isnt all that funny i got a bit of a lol out of it cos of the animation and voices

5/5 for animation
5/5 for voice acting
4/5 for funny
heck even 5/5 for the title XD


ain't this a dandy flash