Reviews for "Saunich der Hejhaug"

Okay then.

I can understand the effort and stuff put into this and I think it was okay, but it didn't make me laugh or smile or frown. I didn't feel anything when I watched this, maybe that was the point, but it was just not a great flash.
Feel free to think this is useless, I don't mind since its my opinion.


I dunno what people are talking about. This was fantastic. I loved the character design and the portrayal of our favorite dying mascot. I actually laughed when Saunich said, "I gotta go fast."

-cut to INT. car, Saunich driving.

Well done. Humor isn't based on fast cuts and cock jokes. This was good.

Haha Walrusguy you rock!

I don't know why but Sonic sounds like Strongbad in his "Powered by The Cheat" Cartoons. But I digress. I loved the movie. Very Ren and Stimpy styled. And I can't wait to see more!


not only was that a terrible parody of sonic.. it was just plain boring and straight up weird.. like the guys from "AAAHH REAL MONSTERS" (classic nickalodian show) got together and made a flash becuase they were mad at sega... this is the first time i gave no stars and a zero.. it was just bad .... im sorry try again..


good idea and quite well done drawing... but the voice acting was not funny at all and it would have worked better if it was a little faster... a pretty halfassed attempt... you draw well... but thats about it..