Reviews for "Saunich der Hejhaug"


That was depressing rather than funny, but in this case it's in A GOOD WAY.


I thought it was funny how I was looking at his nipples in the beginning only for him to later say that he wanted people to stop looking at his nipples! While the story wasn't much (not that there was probably supposed to be one anyway) the animation was just awesome, and it reminded me of the surreal stuff made by people like Catoblepas and TheBoogley. I appreciate all of the effort put into this ridiculous piece of work.


*gets in car

creepy...in a good way

This animation is weird but really funny. loved the stop looking at mah nipples part


but funny. Onto the review!

The animation is dark and is like some sort of nuclear holocaust happened to mobius (Where sonic lives). The character models are detailed and twisted looking. Especially sonic (Or saunich), due to his overgrown nipples and what looks like to be a cock.

The comedy is creepy and I laughed at the part when he said he had to go fast, then started driving a car instead of....well you know running. How saunich makes his nose and tongue eat and drink is a funny moment.

The plot is simply the sonic storyline at a different perspective. Even if the movie is short.

Overall, it's a dark, nuclear wasteland version of the Sonic series.

Animation: 5/5

Comedy: 9/10

Plot: 3/5

Overall: 9/10.

Good job NAveryW!