Reviews for "Saunich der Hejhaug"


This REALLY remind me of Doki's version of Sonic..... nice job


this was kinda scary but kinda awesome so..... 10/10 dude :)!
-Josiah 360

Any thing but good.

But,what can you expect from long time SEGA fans who are dissapointed with SEGA and Sonic.

Gimmie some chili dog, ploz.

NaveryW/WalrusGuy is hilarious. It's a shame we haven't seen much since his final YouTube Poop. I hope we see more work from him...particularly a sequel to this flash. A MINUTE AND A HALF OF SAUNICH ISN'T ENOUGH!

That was frightening.

Very unexpected, yet smooth animations. I think This Sonic will give me nightmares. . . Bastard.