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Reviews for "We Hate Call of Duty: WaW"

Haha, YUP!

Everything you mentioned there is true. Hell, a shotgun is the only thing I could defeat an Mp40 with, and even then, it to be luck. Even with a PTRS-41 at massive range, they still kill me! DX<

Some more things you could've hated were the tank's driving and reloading speed being way too slow, even by real life WWII tank stats, and also, snipers when you're on a tank's machine gun.

MoozipanCheese responds:

I must admit I don't have much experience on a tank - just enough to know they have too much health. >:(


Unbalanced weapons, yep sounds like the MP-40 which is pretty much like the MP5 from COD4 but more powerful, but glad to see someone actually making fun of 2 games I like to play

MoozipanCheese responds:

Well I'm glad you liked it. And agreed with it too.

haha, pistol shooting that general.

my friend was trying to do it and he couldnt, and as soon as i try i get him, its easy if you shoot him when hes in the car going away. just keep shooting in one spot that he (should be) going right into.

MoozipanCheese responds:

Yeah I did it eventually. Took me a couple of tries. He's really hard to see! D:

pretty fun facts but...

i just dont get why everyone abuses the MP-40 and others say its overpowered, i rather play with the FG or PPSh but anyways the flash was very good indeed, your points were true and i kept laughing all the flash, good job man!

MoozipanCheese responds:


yea what about