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Reviews for "We Hate Call of Duty: WaW"


i have WaW for PS2 vetran is easy crap XP but no notzi zombies :<

MoozipanCheese responds:

Oh noes. :(

bit late of me

hahah never get tired of watchin this laugh every time!!!!!!!! 10!! keep going with the great flash's

MoozipanCheese responds:

I'll try my best.

101: People who vote zeros

Wow i love how so much people are giving this guy a zero, its comedy gold. And im pretty sure the people giving him zeros hate a good 20 things in this list, so... no. Also i would like to point out that its a PARODY (Pare-o-dee) THAT means hes making a JOKE... do you all know what a JOKE is? But any ways enough baby talk, great animation it was really funny!


This stuff mostly happens to me on the wii, but i want PS3 for the nazi and imperial zombies! And superHedgehogVegito most of this is WAY too real for most of us.

Lol it's really good.