Reviews for "Pokemon Master ep10"

i know

jamesbondman, dont say that cuz my lucas chronicles isnt a copy, its not a spoof or a parody, its real series, so dont go bummin me out, cuz ya cant no matter what people say, ill still submit till the last episode!
in other, that was a really long episode though, keep it up pokemaster


that was great those people are low because they have realised how crap their lives are as they cant take a joke I mean come on every joke is pretty much a lie or cruel, like blond jokes as blondes aren't really all stupid. a good idea would be to make the metapod battle last for 10 mins and give a secret medel( ive spelt that wrong i know i just can remember how to spell it damn alzheimer's ^C^) if the veiwers sit through it (I think you can do that) also another good battle would be you against that one pokemon that comes from nowhere when you have that ninja bug pokemon and you evolve it with a space in your party and you get one ninja fly and one bug immune to everything but 5 elements. for those of you who cant take a joke go here and learn http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WGBcY2 IoFSg and then write a review or vote.

Best one of the first 10

That was awesome.

Who's that pokemon? Useless. LOL.


a great job!

this is one of the best movies ever!

He defeated Missingno.
A.K.A. a glitch pokemon.