Reviews for "Pokemon Master ep10"


Finally a longer episode! Also, the voice-acting was great IMO.

Most Epic Battle i seen in while

10/10, all i have to say :P


mew fainted lol

Nice. I watched this series a few years ago. It's saddens me that you stopped making these but you probably moved on by now. These videos entertain me quite a lot. I rate 5 because it got a good laugh out of me and it will probably will to others too.

only 1 real problem with it

hahahaha, wild metapods know only harden, but one raised from a caterpie knows any attack learned before evolving and harden... hahahaha... you don't have to insult me, I already know..., anyway it was very good, keep animating. siprisingly I cant think of any suggestions. well keep animating.


Yeah, I knew, but it has to follow that way to be funny... not everything is 100% accurate always
Thanks for the review!