Reviews for "Pokemon Master ep10"

Well done

Very nicely done all around.

Can't give it a 10, cause it doesn't really have anything that made me go OMG SWEET. But 9/10 is well deserved imo.


But you Could use Tm's on Metapod
and I don't even need to say what's wrong with using an old pokeball on a Lv25 sycther.


Actually, metapod can't learn any tms
And the fact that using an old pokemon on Lv25 Scyther is "wrong" or not possible in the game is the point of the joke

THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!

for making it longer :)

I feel stupid for attempting to watch the battle

The jokes were hilarious. The animation was great. The editing was also perfect. I'm sorry to say this, but I didn't particularly like the quality of your voice (no not your voice, but the quality of the recording). Also, I was trying to see if the metapod battle was a real battle or not. I haven't played the more recent games, so I was wondering why metapod kept increasing defense after 6 stages. If "skip this scene" said something else, I would have clicked it right away, which would have made the joke, for me, much much funnier. Still, we're finally in Cerulean City.

Good luck with your series, this is pretty good! ^.^


What exactly do you think Skip this Scene should've said?


This HAVE to have a collection!